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Releasedatum: 28/11/2003


XIII features a conspiracy of epic proportions, and players will unravel clues behind the story's compelling and mysterious events. XIII includes themes of amnesia, in which players must uncover sinister plots against themselves, the U.S. government, and even the president himself. The only clues players have are the roman numerals XIII tattooed on their shoulder and a key to a safe deposit box in a New York bank.

* XIII utilizes next-generation Unreal Engine technology
* Cel-shaded graphics and the unique flashback visuals add to the novel effect of the comic license
* Complete interactivity allows for players to utilize every object in the game as a weapon
* A variety of skills and weapons at the players disposal

* Verplichte velden

Extra informatie

Platform XBOX
EAN 3307210152237, 3307210135568, 3307210152121, 3307210147677
Artikelnummer 662
Video N/B
Nieuw Binnen N/B
Voorraad Status Verzonden in 1-3 werkdagen
Release Date 28/11/2003

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