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Dark Chronicle

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DARK CLOUD 2 is a brand new adventure, that surpasses both space and time, as it unfolds a different story than the previous, DARK CLOUD. As you venture through DARK CLOUD 2, you collect the parts that makeup the world. The Georama System gives you the power to use these parts to create the world as you see fit. Additionally, DARK CLOUD 2 is filled with elements which you can use to create your own inventions.

But there are things that we can not create - the unquestionable truths of today, and of course our own memories and even history itself. These are the things that Maximilian and his friends must strive to overcome.
Dramatic scenes are displayed with complete voice tracks, and unique character traits and expressions are vastly improved to create a living story of encounters, hidden schemes, and secrets.
What will Maximilian and his friends feel when their adventure ends?

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Platform Playstation 2
EAN 0711719473428, 0711719472926, 711719472926, 711719473428
Artikelnummer 6671
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