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Medal of Honor Frontline

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Releasedatum: 19/09/2007


Head back behind enemy lines with Lt. Jimmy Patterson in Medal of Honor Frontline. In this installment of the smash-hit Medal of Honor series, Lt. Patterson returns and must use the confusion of the real-world offensive Operation Market Garden to infiltrate the German frontline and steal the HO-IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi weapon so powerful that it could turn the tide of World War II.

In keeping with the strengths of the Medal of Honor series, Medal of Honor Frontline will put gamers in control of Lt. Jimmy Patterson as he carries out his critical missions in full 3D. Players will take Lt. Patterson on crucial assignments ranging from the assault on Omaha Beach, tracking your Nazi nemesis aboard and atop his speeding armored train, and the epic battle for control of the Nijmegen Bridge, made famous in the film \"A Bridge Too Far.\"

Players will take on six missions, all of which add up to one complete storyline. To help him succeed in his assignment, Lt. Patterson will have the assistance of a small squad of soldiers and a slew of new weapons, ranging from the Springfield Sniper Rifle, Panzerschreck rocket launcher, MG42 mounted machine gun -- to the return of the ever-popular Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.). Players will also be able to battle with friends in the new split-screen multi-player mode for up to 4 players.

EALA continues to work closely with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to make sure Medal of Honor Frontline reflects the ideals and integrity of the prestigious Congressional Medal of Honor. The team also consulted with Russell Lee for the Smithsonian Institution; expert on the HO-IX, and Capt. Dale Dye, military consultant for the original Medal of Honor, to insure the authenticity of the game.

Lt. Patterson\'s latest adventure will make full use of advanced lighting and architecture capabilities, special effects, and realistic sound to bring World War II to life once more. A new original score from the award-winning Michael Giacchino and sound effects by the AIAS award winning design team will make sure the experience is a memorable one.

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Platform Gamecube
EAN 5030942032574, 5030931032578, 5030946036059, 5030946032570
Artikelnummer 175
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Voorraad Status Voor 16:00 besteld, morgen in huis
Release Date 19/09/2007

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