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Dead to Rights

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Releasedatum: 19/09/2007


One night while on routine patrol, Grant City cop, Jack Slate takes a call from police dispatch. Arriving at the scene, Jack discovers something that leads him through a twisted labyrinth of crime and corruption, which turns him from a model officer to a fugitive hunted by good cops, bad cops, bounty hunters, and crooks alike. Without a gun, a car or a home and with pitifully few friends, Jack battles with the criminal element that continues to rain crime and heartbreak on the city like a hurricane. With your help, Jack Slate will wage this war until its explosive conclusion, when he has the ones responsible

Dead To Rights is an intense, hard-hitting, action-thriller game in which police officer, Jack Slate, discovers and unravels a conspiracy that threatens not only himself, but the city he\'s sworn to protect, Grant City. Jack Slate\'s adventure has him progressing through various game chapters by taking out hostile threats, solving challenging puzzles and mini-games, and defeating sinister bosses

* Control Jack\'s K-9 partner, Shadow, to disarm enemies, retrieve weapons and sniff out bombs.
* Execute crippling disarm moves to obtain weapons from enemies.
* Grab an enemy and use him as a human shield for an extra layer of protection.
* Fight hand-to-hand and with a variety of weapons with the extensive combat engine.
* Play mini-games within the storyline such as Arm Wrestling, Bench Press, and Pole Dancing.
* Slow-motion directional diving feature allows you to target multiple enemies and toggle between them.
* Unique color-coded targeting to ensure lethal hits.
* Different disarm sequences for different weapons.
* Toggle between dynamic camera angles during slow motion disarms.
* Pick the right weapons to exploit the different shooting ranges for maximum damage.
* Puzzle elements include lock-picking and disarming bombs.
* Scripted movie-style storyline and action.

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Platform XBOX
EAN 5030946033140
Artikelnummer 1888
Video N/B
Nieuw Binnen N/B
Voorraad Status Voor 16:00 besteld, morgen in huis
Release Date 19/09/2007

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